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Chinese traditional festival customs

The Six Major Important Festivals of China
Chinese New Year

Hanging Lanterns: Lanterns symbolize light and hope, and pray for good luck and good luck in the new year.

Paste Spring Festival couplets: There are auspicious words written on the couplets, hoping for good luck.

Decoupage: Combine paper and art into beautiful patterns to decorate your home

Lantern Festival customs

Chinese Lantern Festival

Wearing a mask: To avoid being possessed or disturbed by ghosts and gods.

Sacrificial activities: ritual activities are held to show respect to ancestors and gods

Watching lanterns: hold a lantern exhibition, people can enjoy all kinds of exquisite lanterns

Flying a kite: symbolizes people’s longing for their lost relatives

Tomb Sweeping: To express respect and yearning for ancestors.

Outing: a good time to go outing to enjoy the beauty of spring and feel the nature

1. Dragon boat races: People organize dragon boat races to commemorate the ancient patriotic poet Qu Yuan.

2. Eating zongzi: a traditional delicacy made of glutinous rice, meat, beans, etc. wrapped in zongzi leaves.

3. Paste wormwood: People will paste wormwood to drive away evil spirits and avoid plague.

Chinese mid-autumn festival

Mooncakes: A must-have food for the Mid-Autumn Festival are mooncakes, which come in a variety of flavors and shapes

Appreciating the moon: Gathering together to enjoy the beautiful moon

Play with lanterns: Make lanterns of various shapes, such as dragon lanterns and lion lanterns.

Chongyang Festival

Climbing: people have the custom of climbing, implying that life can get better and better

Chrysanthemum appreciation: Autumn is the season when chrysanthemums bloom, so chrysanthemum appreciation has become a custom

Wearing dogwood: Dogwood is regarded as a plant that can ward off evil spirits


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