Welcome to our website, we are a team that loves Chinese culture. We are fascinated by China’s thousand years of history, rich traditions and far-reaching art. In order to show the infinite charm of China to the world, we created this website, which is dedicated to providing the most authentic and comprehensive Chinese cultural information.

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Our mission is to provide a platform for users around the world to study and appreciate Chinese culture in depth. We hope to show you the profoundness of Chinese culture and let you know about Chinese history, art and way of life through carefully compiled content. Our vision is to connect China and the world, so that more people can contact and understand China through our platform, and further fall in love with China.

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Our team is made up of experts specializing in Chinese history, art and culture. Our members all have solid academic background and rich practical experience in relevant fields. We firmly believe that only those who truly understand Chinese culture can spread Chinese culture.

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We stand for authenticity, respect and diversity. We believe that every culture is unique and deserves respect. Our goal is to provide authentic, well-researched content that every visitor can benefit from.

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