Celebrating Chinese New Year: The Charms and Traditions of the Spring Festival

Spring Festival

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Every year during the Lunar New Year, Chinese communities in China and around the world warmly celebrate the Spring Festival, a grand celebration of joy, reunion and hope. The Spring Festival is not only the most important traditional festival in China, it is also one of the most grand celebrations in East Asia.

The origin of Chinese New Year

Originating from the farming society of ancient China, the Spring Festival originally celebrated the end of winter and the arrival of spring. Today, the Spring Festival not only celebrates the beginning of a new year, but also represents new beginnings and future prosperity.

Celebrations usually begin on the eve of the Lunar New Year, when families gather for a hearty New Year’s Eve dinner. Meals will include a variety of auspicious foods, such as fish (meaning more than a year) and dumplings (symbolizing wealth). After the New Year’s Eve dinner, many families will stay awake to watch the New Year, watch the Spring Festival Gala, and wait for the arrival of the New Year.

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Chinese New Year Lantern Festival

Fireworks and firecrackers fill the night sky with the arrival of the New Year, which is meant to drive away evil spirits and bad luck. On the second day, relatives and friends will wish each other a happy new year and give lucky money to the children in the hope of bringing good luck. In the next few days, people will participate in various celebrations, such as dragon and lion dances, garden parties and temple fairs.

During the Spring Festival, red couplets and blessing characters are pasted on the doors and windows of every household, symbolizing good luck and prosperity. People also hang red lanterns, implying the light and warmth of life.

In general, the Spring Festival is a treasure of Chinese culture, which shows the importance of family, people’s hope for the future, and respect for the past. No matter where you are, the Spring Festival is an important link connecting the Chinese people and inheriting Chinese culture.

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