Chinese Oil-Paper Umbrella: Background and Craftsmanship

Finished Oil Paper Umbrella
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    Oil-paper umbrellas have played an important role in Chinese life since ancient times. The uniqueness, aesthetics and practicality of this handicraft make it unique throughout history. Let’s first understand its background.

    Oil-paper umbrellas were used in ancient China

    In Chinese history and culture, the oil-paper umbrella is widely used as a rainproof tool, and it is also a handicraft expressing a strong oriental charm. It originated from the Eastern Han Dynasty in China, and after thousands of years of development, it still maintains its original craftsmanship and beauty. The oiled paper umbrella is handmade from bamboo and oiled paper, and has been specially treated for waterproofing, so it can be used for a long time even in high humidity.

    So, how to make an oil paper umbrella?

    oil paper umbrella in production

    1. Select materials:

    The main materials of oiled paper umbrellas are bamboo and oiled paper. Strong and flexible bamboo is used as the umbrella frame, and tough and smooth oiled paper is used as the umbrella surface.

    2. Rib making:

    Bamboo is shaved into thin slices, then precisely cut and bent to form the ribs according to the designed shape.

    3. Making the umbrella surface:

    The oiled paper is cut into a specific shape and size, and then pasted on the umbrella ribs to form the umbrella surface.

    Umbrella surface of oiled paper umbrella

    4. Paint treatment:

    The umbrella surface is coated with a layer of paint to make the umbrella surface waterproof and have a unique luster.

    5. Decoration:

    Finally, add decorations on the umbrella surface according to the needs, such as painting, paper cutting, etc.

    Finished Oil Paper Umbrella

    Through these steps, a handmade oil paper umbrella was born. Although this process takes a lot of time and energy, each oil-paper umbrella produced is unique.

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