Encountering the Woman in Red: The Mysterious Tale Behind the Oil Paper Umbrella

My name is tovi. Our family has made and sold oiled paper umbrellas for a living. In modern times, due to the impact of nylon umbrellas, plastic umbrellas and other umbrellas, oiled paper umbrellas have gradually become a kind of handicraft and decoration.


The sales of oil-paper umbrellas in our family have fallen sharply. For this reason, I left my hometown and came to the city alone, rented a shop, and opened an umbrella shop.


The store is divided into two sections, one mainly sells modern umbrellas, which are practical and convenient; the other section continues to sell handmade oiled paper umbrellas at home. If the business is tepid, you can’t make a lot of money, and you can’t starve to death.


I originally thought that my life would end in this ordinary life, until the appearance of that woman that night changed the fate of my life.


Umbrella, shade from the sun and rain, the inside is very cloudy, and unclean things are hidden in it from time to time. Therefore, there are many people in our industry who are more or less skilled in strange arts in order to protect themselves.


Our family has passed down a set of spells to ward off evil spirits from our ancestors. I have learned from my father since I was a child, but I don’t know if it is because of my poor qualifications. My level is several grades worse than that of my father.


Fortunately, I haven’t really seen the so-called ghost since I was a child, and the name is strong enough, so I didn’t pay much attention to this aspect.


In our business, we believe in two sayings, which are: do not turn on the lights in the house, and do not keep people in the rain at night.


The first sentence does not mean that the lights cannot be turned on in the house, but that umbrellas cannot be opened in the house. The umbrella is used as a metaphor for turning on the lights. Because the inside of the umbrella is very cloudy, it is extremely easy to attract unclean things when opening an umbrella inside the house. As for the second sentence, it means that if it rains heavily at night, those things in the underworld will find others to shelter from the rain, so you must not leave them overnight.


Summer is a rainy season. On this day, it rained heavily. I sold a lot of umbrellas a day and made a lot of money.


I saw that it was getting late and night was falling, so I got up and went to close the shop. At this time, a woman appeared at the door of the store.


That woman appeared very abruptly. It turned out that before I saw anyone at the door, she appeared in the blink of an eye, as if she appeared out of thin air.


I glanced at her, her pale, bloodless face, and the long red skirt that covered her feet. It’s quite intrusive for such a woman to appear so rashly at night.


I didn’t think much about it, I thought she was here to buy an umbrella, so I asked, “Miss, buy an umbrella?”


She nodded to me, but said nothing.


I was a little suspicious, so I gave her a Paradise Umbrella, “No, 1 yuan, today is your last business deal, so I’ll count you $10.”


The woman took out a stack of banknotes from her sleeve and gave it to me.


Does anyone still keep money up their sleeves these days? I looked at it, and it was a hundred-dollar bill, so I gave her some change. She opened the umbrella and walked into the rain. When I saw her walking, my heart skipped a beat. It didn’t look like she was walking at all, but it seemed to be floating.


I looked at the back of the woman in the rain, and felt strange. It was so unreasonable that she didn’t get wet when she came in such a heavy rain, and the money she gave me was dry.


I looked at the money in my hand again, and couldn’t help taking a breath, because what I was holding in my hand was actually a Ming coin.


I have never encountered such a strange thing since I was a child, heh, today is an eye-opener. I picked up an umbrella, locked the store door, and followed the woman in the red dress.


I’d like to see what’s going on with this woman.


I don’t know how long I walked, I followed her to an old house, and she suddenly disappeared out of thin air.


It’s so unreasonable, I searched everywhere, but couldn’t find her. Looking at the old house again, the more I looked at it, the more I felt it was a tomb of the dead.


I have goosebumps all over my body. I really encountered something unclean today. I should go back early and stop hanging around here.


Suddenly, someone behind me patted me on the shoulder, and at the same time a woman’s voice reached my ears.


“Are you looking for me?”


The umbrella in my hand fell to the ground, and I turned around tremblingly, and saw that woman was the woman in the red dress I had been following.


Through the pale moonlight, I saw her pale and weird smile, “Are you looking for me?”


People have three fires, one on top of the head and one on each shoulder to protect themselves. When she patted my shoulder just now, the fire on one of my shoulders was already extinguished. When I turned my head again, the fire above my head was also extinguished. I felt a biting cold enter my body.

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