Kites: From ancient tradition to modern hobby

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Kite, this seemingly simple thing, actually contains rich historical and cultural connotations. As early as the 5th century BC, the Chinese began to make and fly kites for various purposes such as military affairs, scientific research and entertainment. Today, kiting has become a popular outdoor activity for people all over the world.

Types of kites

Kites come in various shapes and sizes, the most common being triangular kites, square kites, box kites, and animal kites. Each kite design has its own characteristics, such as the triangular kite, which is light and easy to fly, and the box-shaped kite, which can fly stably in strong winds.

How to choose a kite?

It depends on your needs and skills. If you are a beginner, you can choose a triangular kite that is light and easy to fly; if you are a pro, you may be more inclined to challenge some complex kites, such as box kites or animal kites.

How to make a kite?

ou can make a basic kite with just a few simple materials like paper or cloth, bamboo sticks, string, and glue. Making kites can not only cultivate manual skills, but also a good group activity among family members or friends.

make kites

In China, kites are not only a recreational activity, but also a cultural symbol. Every spring, people hold a kite festival to celebrate the coming of the new season. People will fly all kinds of kites with strange shapes, and the kites in the sky are like pictures in the sky.


Kite, an ancient toy, has now flown into the life of modern people and has become a popular outdoor sport. Whether you are a fan of kites or a novice interested in kites, you can try flying kites and feel the fun that kites bring to you.

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